Reverse trigger mechanism for wooden speargun is in the final phase of development and production! It will be ready in a few weeks lease wait for posted pictures and all the other technical details. It is an reverse trigger mechanism of high load capacity with a classic installation, without pins.

More on this very soon…

Achilles is also preparing a new series of spearguns named ACHILLES INVERSO! The new series will be produced in three traditional lengths, which will be available in April 2013th.



The Speargun Achilles occurred as a result of my long-standing love , that is spearfishing.  A particular aspiration for designing wood and a bunch of other ideas for improving the characteristics of spear guns that a hunter somehow feels after many years of testing and fishing with different types and models of guns, led me to the decision to make spear guns myself.

Podvodni ribolov

That is how the idea of manufacturing my own spear gun, in which all these essential requirements were built-in, has matured. Continued…



For all my fans, there is a NEW EDITION of wooden spearguns!

I made a unique series of spearguns named “Special Edition”, which are distinguished by its completely new appearance.

Unique appearance of the new series of spearguns Achilles 90 Twin is available now in limited quantity.  Outlook of the new series is designed in combination of teak and wenge wood strips in the speargun body and handle. Continued…



Mechanism: A flawless operating mechanism plays a key role for any spear gun. A simple design and reliable operation of the mechanism is the basis on which David has plotted and calculated.  The mechanism is made entirely of stainless steel marked A4; a good finger sense however is complemented by the 8 mm thickness of the trigger.

Laser cutting of the steel and bending of the body on CNC machines are the guarantee for a flawless operation. By using PVC washers, the problem of salt crystallization inside moving parts has been successfully resolved. The only recommended maintenance is a periodic washing in fresh water. There is virtually no wear out and, therefore, the life of the mechanism is very long.





Since I can remember, I have felt great in the water. My diving even overtook my swimming skills, as my parents could tell. By the time I grew up, my diving only “got deeper”.

Despite the period of “Jaws”, years and years of tireless diving followed (where a high heart rate and shortness of breath were not significant), which brought me to adulthood. Continued…



The combination of noble wood, stainless steel and precise manufacturing are the basis for all models of Achilles spearguns. There are three different lengths of spearguns available, namely the length of 75, 90 and 110 cm. All spearguns are made from premium teak lamellas.

Rigorous selection and proper turning of lamellas when gluing them are two conditions for a level and stable body of the gun, which is not subject to curving. To protect the glued joints, the guns are lined with six layers of lacquer that is resistant to sea water and UV rays.

Dvojna elastika




Wooden spearguns Achilles are made from teak wood, equipped with anatomically shaped handle, stainless steel AISI 316 mechanism, capacity of 330 kg with line releas, stainless steel harpoon shark-fin, best power bands, excellent reel with stainless steel holder and Dyneema rope diameter of 1.5 mm. Wooden speargun Achilles has a 6 layer coating by a two-component PU nautical varnish with UV protection.


ACHILLES 96 R  – “TEAK”                                                                                       680,00 €

Achilles 96 R leftSpeargun equipment:
-3 x powerbands 14,5 mm with Dyneema wishbone,
-reel Tuphunt 80 TITANIUM with 40 m Dyneema 1,5 mm
-Shaft tempered steel, dim. 130 cm, x 7 mm, two barbs, 3 Shark fins
-Shaft cord 1, 4 mm (kite line) – 315 kg
-line tension system,
-reverse trigger mech. stainless steel (AISI 316) Achilles (330 kg)


ACHILLES TRIO 110 R                                                                                          600,00 €

Achilles 110 TrioSpeargun equipment:
– 3x powerband 14,5 mm with Dyneema wishbone
– reel (TopHunt100) with Dyneema 1,5 mm (70 m) and Ballbearing Swifel (200 kg )
– Line Tension System
– Kite line 1,4 mm (315 kg)
– reverse trigger mech. stainless steel (AISI 316) Achilles (330 kg)
– Shaft tempered steel (Sandvik quality) dim. 150 cm x 7 mm,
3 shark fins, double barb with double length cord



ACHILLES 110 TWIN                                                                                           499,00 €

Glava puškeSpeargun equipment:– 2x powerband (amber ) 16,5 mm with Dyneema wishbone
– reel (TopHunt100) with Dyneema 1,5 mm (70 m) and Ballbearing Swifel (100 kg )
– Line Tension System
– Kite line 1,4 mm (315 kg)
– trigger mech. stainless steel (AISI 316) Achilles (330 kg)
– Shaft tempered steel (Sandvik quality) dim. 150 cm x 6,5 mm, 2 shark fins,double barb with double length cord





ACHILLES ULTIMO 103                                                                                         990,00 €

Setup za Achilles Ultimo 045Speargun equipment:
– 2x powerband 16,5 mm with Dyneema wishbone
– reel (Ermes Leonardo 93) with Dyneema 1,5 mm (100 m) and Ballbearing Swifel (350 kg )
– Line Tension System
– Kite line 1,4 mm (315 kg)
– reverse trigger mech. stainless steel (AISI 316) Achilles
– Shaft tempered steel dim. 130 cm x 7 mm, 4 shark fins, double barb with double length cord
-three layers of carbon

ACHILLES ULTIMO 103 purchase options:
Slip-tip shaft 130 cm x 7 mm …………………………..85,00 €
Big fish set up – extra powerband system
……………..75,00 €


ACHILLES MAXIMUS                                                 Please  make a contact for the price info

Tuna Gun Achilles Maximus

The technical details of speargun Achilles Maximus are described  here






Achilles Maximus (550 x 413)

Video of balancing in the Sea is here.








Contact: Aleš Mencinger – Menci
Phone.: +386 (0)40 229 602
e-mail: achilles.spearguns (at)



A new concept which is increasingly being used nowadays when talking about sporting achievements in freediving or apnea has its roots in ancient history and is today one of the so-called extreme sports.

I am talking about a sports activity that combines experiencing the beauty of the underwater world with experiencing oneself. With the development of organizations such as AIDA, CMAS and Apnea Academy, organised trainings of freedivers began in the late 1990’s. Continued…



Handles for the spearguns Achilles are unique because they are entirely hand made. They consist of several layers of different types of wood such as teak, wenge, oak, maple, ash, duisse, cherry …

The right choice of wood gives many opportunities for unique colour variations and combinations, giving the  spear gun it’s own distinctive character, and good visibility under the water. Continued…



Most of the underwater hunters take a boat early in the morning, jump into the water and begin to hunt. However, problems soon arise with shortness of breath  (apnea), that is when the need to breathe is so strong that we have the feeling that we “just can’t do it.”

No one takes the time to accustom the organs to different loads acting on the body under water. The solution is in knowing the exercises for faster performance diving reflex, which is just waiting in our bodies for someone to wake it! Continued…