Handles for the spearguns Achilles are unique because they are entirely hand made. They consist of several layers of different types of wood such as teak, wenge, oak, maple, ash, duisse, cherry …

The right choice of wood gives many opportunities for unique colour variations and combinations, giving the  spear gun it’s own distinctive character, and good visibility under the water.

Handles are either designed specifically for right-handed or left-handed individuals and are anatomically shaped. They are glued to the body of the spear gun, so the coupling component is made with extreme care. Inside the coupling, additional vertical and horizontal reinforcements are incorporated due to the action made by the torque.


The main requirement in the design was that the spear gun when hunting could, for most of the time, be held with a relaxed palm; that is why the handle, also in the horizontal direction, is delayed.

For the pull back a support for the middle finger and pinky is provided, thus offering excellent support even when swimming with the spear gun close to your body.

The elliptical shape provides optimal grip, superb handling and excellent support for the shot. An extended handle grip is, with a “click,” connected to the trigger guard.

A raised support for the back of your palm prevents slipping with side movements of the spear gun. These entire specialties, therefore, do not allow construction of the universal handle for either left-handed or right-handed individuals.

Additional better grip accessories are of no use.