The combination of noble wood, stainless steel and precise manufacturing are the basis for all models of Achilles spearguns. There are three different lengths of spearguns available, namely the length of 75, 90 and 110 cm. All spearguns are made from premium teak lamellas.

Rigorous selection and proper turning of lamellas when gluing them are two conditions for a level and stable body of the gun, which is not subject to curving. To protect the glued joints, the guns are lined with six layers of lacquer that is resistant to sea water and UV rays.

Dvojna elastika

Many years of experience in spearfishing have been the starting point for setting high requirements when planning a speargun. The target design was a speargun with an optimal ratio of buoyancy (balance), minimum side resistance (sectional form) and Carrying capacity (cross-sectional dimension).

Computer models and calculations (carrying capacity and force of resistance) were made by my friend David, who is the constructor of the speargun. This was followed by the manufacture of test models and their testing.

A series of spearguns were constructed in which we continuously installed new ideas and made improvements. Years of persistent effort have shaped the product that is now in front of you.

Manufacture: all three lengths of the speargun Achilles are manufactured with one or two (delayed) holes for circular power bands. In the case of a single sling we recommend  18 mm diameter, in the case of two slings then 16 mm diameter. For the gun of the length 110 cm, the sling diameter is higher by 2 mm.

Achilles 75

Speargun Achilles 75 is, because of its manoeuvrability, the best choice for hunting in a wavy sea  (frothy waters), hunting in muddy water (sea bass hunting), and for hunting in holes.

Achilles 75

Two versions are produced – one or two holes for circular power bands. Achilles 75 may be used without a reel but we recommend using one. Carrying capacity is adjusted to shaft length 105 cm and a diameter of 6.5 mm.

Achilles 90

This is the optimal length of the spear gun for all forms of hunting, since it represents an ideal ratio between manoeuvrability and power.

Achilles 90

Achilles 90 is produced in two versions – one or two holes for circular power bands. The advantage of using spear guns with one circular power band is in accuracy. When using double power bands, however, the advantage is in the speed of the shaft, its power, reach and penetration.

When using a single power band dimensions are 18 mm, in the execution of the two, the power band is 16 mm diameter. At the same time I recommend the use of high-quality capacity reel 30-50 m. Carrying capacity is adjusted to shaft length of 130 cm and a diameter of 7 mm.

Achilles 110

Speargun Achilles 110 targets experienced underwater hunters, fishing with waiting-technique and is projected to catch a larger fish.

Achilles 110

Even this spear gun is manufactured either with one or two holes for circular power bands. When using single sling, I recommend power band dimension 20 mm diameter, and when using double power bands, sling dimension is 18 mm diameter.

I advise you to use a reel of a higher price bracket and capacity of somewhere between 50 and 80 m. Carrying capacity is adjusted to shaft length 150 cm and a diameter of 6.5 mm.