The Speargun Achilles occurred as a result of my long-standing love , that is spearfishing.  A particular aspiration for designing wood and a bunch of other ideas for improving the characteristics of spear guns that a hunter somehow feels after many years of testing and fishing with different types and models of guns, led me to the decision to make spear guns myself.

Podvodni ribolov

That is how the idea of manufacturing my own spear gun, in which all these essential requirements were built-in, has matured.

In addition to achieving good technical characteristics, a lot of effort has also been put into the external appearance of the spear gun. Achieving low-cost manufacturing for the speargun Achilles was not a criterion.

Only the best materials, selected teak wood, stainless steel type A4 and the best equipment have been used. Perfect symmetry angle of the body is achieved with CNC processing; however the visual image of the spear gun is underlined by the handle, which is embedded in several types of wood.

For lovers of spearfishing,  both the wooden  speargun Achilles is available, with its appearance of a classic wooden spear gun and with trigger mechanisms that I  manufacture even for other self-builders.

Spearguns Achilles are Euro-gun type with a handle at the rear (not in the middle) and are adapted to conditions and spearfishing techniques in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea.

Why wooden spear guns?

• Great buoyancy of wood enables manufacturing of a well-balanced spear gun, which, even after several hours of hunting, doesn’t exhaust the wrist.

• The mass of the wooden spear gun, compared with the serial guns (aluminium or carbon) is greater, which means fewer twitches in the shot – which furter leads to greater accuracy.

• The manufacturing of a spear gun can be adjusted to individual preferences (handle, holes for power bands).

• Wood allows easy repair and finishing

Why teak?

Teak is the only tropical timber which contains fat; because of that it is highly resistant to atmospheric effects and  sea water. In addition, teak contains silicates, which effectively defend the wood against various timber worms; on the other hand however, these substances  wear out the carpenter’s tools  more than with other wood in the manufacturing of a spear gun.

Because of these characteristics, it is used in nautical equipment on the external and internal surfaces of vessels, where the highest quality and long lifetime material is required. Teak is, for the spear hunter, certainly the best choice for manufacturing a spear gun.

Why Achilles?

All spear guns Achilles bear the logo of the Greek warrior, as a symbol of power, accuracy and reliability.  His mother was the sea nymph THETIS and his father Peleus, was the king of the Myrmidons. The Emperor Hadrian (117-138), declared Achilles a god by the attribute Pontarhos The Lord of the seas.