For all my fans, there is a NEW EDITION of wooden spearguns!

I made a unique series of spearguns named “Special Edition”, which are distinguished by its completely new appearance.

Unique appearance of the new series of spearguns Achilles 90 Twin is available now in limited quantity.  Outlook of the new series is designed in combination of teak and wenge wood strips in the speargun body and handle.

Wenge wood has an extremely strong structure and chocolate brown colour.

For the hand custom made speargun Achilles Series “Special Edition” equipment will be carefully selected, based on my personal conviction that for the wooden speargun only reliable and durable equipment is suitable, which is made from stainless steel.

The central piece of equipment for speargun represents the reel. The decision and choice of appropriate reel was quite heavy. The requirements for appearance, operation, technical solutions, the type of material, manufacturing quality, usability and price all lead to difficult choices and adoption of different compromises.

Speargun shafts made of stainless steel (Sandvik), with “shark fins” and double barbs, inox reel with special (softer) Dyneema rope in blue color, with diameter of 1.5 mm and a load capacity of 172 kg, which is due to these properties well suited for the use in reel.

For a very demanding hunters Dyneema rope in red color is available, with diameter of 2 mm and a load capacity of 212 kg.

A heavy duty snap swivels is added, made of Norwegian steel and other equipment that is in recognizable red colour!

Let you be the judge whether my choice of equipment meets your high standards.