Mechanism: A flawless operating mechanism plays a key role for any spear gun. A simple design and reliable operation of the mechanism is the basis on which David has plotted and calculated.  The mechanism is made entirely of stainless steel marked A4; a good finger sense however is complemented by the 8 mm thickness of the trigger.

Laser cutting of the steel and bending of the body on CNC machines are the guarantee for a flawless operation. By using PVC washers, the problem of salt crystallization inside moving parts has been successfully resolved. The only recommended maintenance is a periodic washing in fresh water. There is virtually no wear out and, therefore, the life of the mechanism is very long.


Attached to the mechanism is also a trigger guard. Carrier load of the mechanism is over 220 kg. In the case of specific customer requirements, such as incorporation into large spear guns (4 to 5 power bands), we can adapt it even to a higher carrier load – 330 kg. The mechanisms are equipped with a silencer, so the shot is silent, which is particularly important when hunting certain fish species.

Line release: Specifically tailored to the form of the speargun Achilles is a system of descent-lines – Mark Valentin, which in testing has proved to be the most reliable and is also used in some other mass-produced guns. It allows separate windings of double length nylon, which affects the effective long-range of the harpoon.

Line releas

Installation is easy as you only need to twist it and put it on the appropriately prepared slot (under the harpoon), and screw it on to the body of the spear gun.

Power bands: to produce circular rubbers we selected the best power bands on the market (U.S. Latex). The proper length of the power band is calculated for each type of spear gun separately.

Small differences in the length of power bands have a major impact on the power and life period, so it is crucial to choose the right expansion coefficient, which is used to divide twice the length of the spear gun measured from the hole for the power band to the last slot on the shaft. The value of the coefficient (between 3.2 to 3.5) yet again depends on the thickness of the power band and the weight of the shaft.

Glava puške

Wishbone: the toggle system from  Dyneema line is wooden gun “friendly”. When making a shot, power band hits back to the body of a spear gun. Dyneema line has a high capacity (2 mm = 200 kg), is very “fast” and does not leave any damage. However, it requires perfectly smooth edges of the shaft, otherwise it tears.

Ogiva s Spectro

When desired, other combinations of wishbones made of aluminium and steel are possible, them being heavier than strings. The use of such wishbones can, over time, leave a few slight bruises on the body of the spear gun, although for  teak wood, this  presents no damage.

Jeklene ogive Smoby

Ballbearing Swivels: They are an indispensable link between the shaft and the spear gun, mounted between nylon and the line. The choice of top quality steel swivels from Norway and carrying capacity 90 to 100 kg, provide long and reliable use. The big carrying capacity is not in relation to the weight of fish, but rather to the size of the spear hunter who can be easily dragged by a caught fish of big dimensions!

Magnets: High-end magnets are made from a fusion of neodymium, iron and boron (NdFeB). These are currently the strongest permanent magnets on the market. They are many times stronger than the usual everyday use magnets.

Built-in the head of the spearguns Achilles, they reliably cling to the harpoon. They are nickel-plated and do not rust. Magnet strength of 1.8 kg is big enough so that the contact with the shaft is not necessary, but there is between 0.2 to 0.3 mm of distance. The launch of the shaft, therefore, does not wear off the surface and the magnet doesn’t rust.